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His Butler, Supremely Seductive (Black Butler ... - FanFiction

Follow/Fav His Butler, Supremely Seductive (Black Butler FanFic with yaoi) By: SebastiansScratchkitty Ciel is sleeping in late, so Sebastian uses desperate measures to wake him, but bochan is so startled by this he manages to tie himself up, completely vulnerable to the lustful demon...

The Many Romances of Sebastian Michaelis - FanFiction.Net

Emmalinn Heartfilia can hardly remember a time before her butler Sebastian. On Christmas Eve her mother and siblings were killed by a horrific monster. Emmalinn would've met the same fate,if not for the mysterious butler. As time passes Sebastian becomes more than just a butler to her. He becomes a mystery, one Emma is determined to solve.

Love is Fickle, a kuroshitsuji fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Sebastian opened his own mouth and did the same, they touched tongues and then kissed, moving their tongues once more. This lasted a few minutes, with Ciel rubbing and moving his fingers through Sebastian's black hair. He pushed out and looked down at Sebastian. Sebastian was enticed and was feeling hotter and hotter.

Ciel, My Love Chapter 1: Morning sex, a ... - fanfiction.net

Sebastian had entered Ciel's master suite to awaken him at 7:00 a.m., as is the usual on a weekday morning. He tied the heavy velvet curtains up to let the morning light caress the room. "Young master," Sebastian called softly, "It's time to awaken. You have a very busy day ahead of you." "Mmmmrrrphhh," came the reply.

Kuroshitsuji FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Rated: T - English - Suspense/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 906 - Published: Sep 6 - Sebastian M., Claude F., Hannah A., OC. His Butler, Soul-Bound by Fandimension reviews. Sebby/Soulmate fic, rating may change as story advances. A young witch is granted a vision of her soulmate on her 18th birthday. Leaving her coven, she travels across the ...

Possessive Sebastian - Works | Archive of Our Own

There are many stories of the demon butler Sebastian ending up with a human, demon, angel, fallen, or other worldy being. But there is not one that has been completed to satisfy it's audience. Angelica Aurora Laverne-Magne is an angel. But not your average angel. While her father is thee Archangel Michael- her mother was an angel of a different ...

black butler Sebastian x Reader lemon - Wattpad

black butler Sebastian x Reader lemon. you have been living in the phantomhive estate for almost two years now. Mey rin and finny had found you while they where in town and the young master decided to give you a home, but when you met Sebastian for the first time you fell in love with him. 303. Sebastian was perfect in your eyes.

Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler - Works | Archive of Our Own

[Black Butler OC Story] When a butterfly crosses your path, it means you should embrace all changes that are about to come into your life. But, for Kimberly Woods, the Queen's Butterfly, it was hard to embrace all the changes that were thrown at her the night her family's manor was attacked.

Sebastian Michaelis/Harry Potter - Works | Archive of Our Own

Fandoms:Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler. Albus knew the moment little Lily Evans stepped into the Great Hall as an eleven-year-old. Her blood red hair, her curse green eyes, he'd known the fate of their world was about to be judged.

Tmnt Stories - Wattpad

Tmnt Lost by IronMan2105. 6.9K 210 7. What happens when one night while out after getting in an argument with his brothers Ralph, finds a little girl on the shore near the river severely injured, and what ha... ericsacks. donatello.